Aug 27, 2020

Two quick corrections...

Two quick corrections...

I do not want to spread misinformation.

Dear readers,

This is the first time (and I hope only time) I’ve ever done this or will have to do this, so please forgive me.

The newsletter sent out around 12:00pm EST today had two “half” mistakes in it, both of which I’ve decided to correct before any misinformation can spread (rather than correcting them in tomorrow or Monday’s newsletter).

First, Jacob Blake was not “killed,” as I wrote in one of the last paragraphs. He is still alive and is apparently paralyzed. I was shuffling around a list of police-involved shootings from the last year or two and his name ended up being in a sentence that it shouldn’t have been. I have updated the newsletter to correct that. I mention elsewhere that he is still alive but paralyzed.

Second, I mention the place where Kyle Rittenhouse is from twice. The first time, I inaccurately say he came from Minnesota, which is what initial reports had speculated. I began writing this yesterday and did not update it accordingly. The second time I mention him being arrested in Illinois, which is in fact where he lives and where he was arrested — about 20 miles from Kenosha, Wisconsin. His mother reportedly drove him to the protests and dropped him off with his gun.

Neither of these mistakes alters the thrust of what I was hoping to get across, but they were both important enough that I wanted to correct them quickly before any misinformation spread. Jacob Blake is alive and Kyle Rittenhouse lives and was arrested in Illinois, not far from Kenosha. You can read and share an updated version with the corrections here.

I’m already getting a ton of feedback about today’s newsletter, both positive and critical, and I’m excited to share it and continue engaging this stuff on Monday. There are many perspectives about Rittenhouse, the riots, and the state of policing that are worth engaging. For those of you who are paying subscribers, I’ll see you tomorrow.



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