Oct 21, 2021

9 things I loved from last week

9 things I loved from last week

All the best stuff on the internet.

Hey everyone!

As I mentioned in yesterday's newsletter, we are taking a little time off this week while I compete in the ultimate Frisbee National Championships (yes, that's a thing, and yes, I'm in it).

In the past, I've done a few editions where I do a round-up of some of my favorite stuff I've come across in the past week or month. I figured since we were taking a couple days off, this would be a great time to give you some other content to explore. Here are 9 things I loved from the last week:

  1. The Washington Post did a profile of former college football coach and current Alabama senator Tommy Tuberville. In it, we find out that "Coach" didn't know the three branches of government when he won his election. You can read the profile here.
  2. Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro and liberal pundit Ana Kasparian had a civil, engaging, intelligent debate about some of the biggest issues facing our country. It was refreshing, and I actually listened to the whole thing (over an hour long). You can watch it here.
  3. Ethan Strauss wrote a fascinating, thought-provoking piece of commentary on "boomers" and the debate about Columbus Day / Indigenous People's Day. You can read it here.
  4. A few months ago, a Tangle reader suggested I read "Making Sense of God," a book by theologian Timothy Keller that is specifically designed to make the case for a Christian God to a secular person. I finally got around to reading it and have really, really enjoyed it. Thought-provoking, challenging, and thorough, even as a Jew who has spent a lot of time oscillating through different levels of faith. You can buy it here.
  5. I don't remember how I found it, but I came across this absolutely wild animation that shows you how deep the ocean actually gets (with things like the Eiffel Tower for scale). It is incredible. You can watch it here.
  6. I didn't "love" this one, but it moved me. ProPublica wrote an infuriating, breathtaking piece about how police in Tennessee ended up arresting a group of young Black children (some under the age of 10) for a non-existent crime. You can read it here.
  7. In The New York Times, Zeynep Tufekci wrote a pitch perfect piece about America's unvaccinated, saying they may not be who you think they are. Tufekci, a sociologist who became famous for her predictions about the pandemic, explains all the different reasons people do and don't get vaccinated, and removes a lot of the unnecessary vitriol and judgment along the way. You can read it here.
  8. For my sports fans, The Athletic recently published a piece on Albert Haynesworth, the former NFL defensive lineman who was known for being a "bad boy" in the game and perhaps most famously for stomping an opponent. The thrust of the piece might be "Albert Haynesworth isn't who you thought he was," but it's also a story about how he got a second chance at life. You can read it here.
  9. In The Washington Post, Paris Hilton, the actress, model and former child-teen star, wrote a fascinating piece about the "troubled teen industry" that she was thrown into at the age of 16. I know very little about this, but Hilton's story is both horrifying and illuminating. It's also a call for what appears to be much-needed reform. You can read it here.

We hope you enjoy this content and it holds you over until next week!

Remember: I'll be playing in the National Championships at 2:15pm EST on Thursday. You can watch my game here.

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We'll see you on Tuesday!


Isaac & the Tangle team

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