Apr 18, 2024

A couple of announcements.

Episode Two of The Undecideds
Episode Two of The Undecideds

We take a light day to follow our second live event and announce our second Undecideds episode.

Today's read: 3 minutes.

Announcing Episode 2 of our podcast series, The Undecideds. Plus, some photos from our live event last night.

Quick hits.

  1. House leadership introduced a $95 billion foreign aid funding package yesterday, with a vote expected Saturday night. The three bills would grant roughly $26 billion for Israel, $61 billion for Ukraine, and $8 billion for Taiwan. (The funding)
  2. The Senate voted along party lines to dismiss impeachment charges against Homeland Security Director Alejandro Mayorkas. (The dismissal)
  3. European Union leaders announced they would support new sanctions against Iran in response to its attack on Israel. (The sanctions
  4. NPR senior business editor Uri Berliner resigned after receiving a five-day suspension for his criticism of the news outlet’s editorial bias. (The resignation)
  5. A Boeing engineer told a Senate subcommittee that the company is taking manufacturing shortcuts that jeopardize its planes’ structural integrity. (The hearing)

Today’s topic.

A brief interlude. Last night, the Tangle community gathered in New York City for our second-ever live event. It was an amazing night: A sold out show, awesome energy in the audience, and some spicy exchanges on stage. We want to thank Summit Impact for sponsoring the event, our panelists for their participation, the 200 people who came out to the show, and our venue City Winery for being such excellent hosts. I also want to give a big thank you to my big brother, Reuben, who is the official “Tangle tour manager” and encouraged us to start hosting these events. We look forward to coming back to New York City.

If you missed the event but are hoping to make one soon, write in and let us know: What city do you think we should come to next? 

We’re going to release a podcast and some video footage of the event soon, but today most of the Tangle team is in transit: Isaac and Magdalena are on their way to Vancouver for Isaac’s TED Talk, Ari is traveling home to Vermont, and Jon is heading back to Colorado while Will holds down the fort in New York. Accordingly, we’re using today’s newsletter to announce Episode 2 of The Undecideds, our limited podcast series following five undecided voters up to and through the 2024 election. 

You can listen to Episode 2 here; in case you missed it, episode 1 is here

Tomorrow, we’ll be back in your inbox with a special reader mailbag edition to answer a backlog of questions from readers. And in the meantime, enjoy some photos from the event below! 

All the best,
Isaac and the Tangle team

Isaac with Josh Hammer, Michael Moynihan, and Catherine Rampell
Isaac with Josh Hammer, Michael Moynihan, and Catherine Rampell
Isaac, Will, Jon, and Ari
Isaac, Will, Jon, and Ari
Tangle VIPs
Tangle VIPs
Jon, Isaac, Will, and Ari
Isaac and Phoebe
Isaac and Phoebe

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I'm a politics reporter who grew up in Bucks County, PA — one of the most politically divided counties in America. I'm trying to fix the way we consume political news.