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Why Tangle?

Our Founder is political journalist Isaac Saul from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, who recognized that the news industry was broken.

Here's what he said about founding Tangle in 2019:

Today, our readers span the political spectrum: Roughly 40% of our readers self-identify as liberal, 30% self-identify as conservative, and the rest say they are independent or outside the left-right binary.

Why trust us?

If we were you, we wouldn't.

Just 32% of Americans trust the media according to a recent Gallup poll and media outlets face all sorts of challenges today — from overt bias to corporate interests to the basic dereliction of good journalistic practices.

But Tangle earns our readers' trust in a very simple way: By providing views from across the political spectrum in every single edition, and clearly labeling what is opinion and what isn't.

This is not "both sidesism" or giving equal weight to conspiracies and facts. Instead, we search the world for the best arguments we can about the debates of the day, and then we show them to you. Side-by-side. So you can decide.

Here is our "bias rating," according to AdFontesMedia:

How do we do it?

The Tangle format is our special sauce — with over 100,000+ readers in 55+ countries who read our daily email.

We have a Monday through Thursday newsletter that is free for everyone, and we put our Friday editions behind a paywall. More than 90% of our revenue comes from subscriber support in the form of a $6/month subscription. But most of our content is free so you can sign up and read it for yourself without having to become a paid member.

Each Tangle edition comes out a noon (EST) and is just 10-15 minutes long, following a simple format:

  • Today's deep analysis, written from a facts-based perspective in neutral language.
  • What the left, right and center say on that topic with 6 different perspectives spanning the political spectrum. 
  • My take: An honest, unfiltered nonpartisan editorial usually written by our founder Isaac Saul.
  • + Daily reader questions, stats, polls, headlines we're following and a good news story to wash it all down!

Tune out the noise and get all the facts in our daily and free nonpartisan politics newsletter.

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