Feb 25, 2024

The Sunday — February 25

This is the Tangle Sunday Edition, a brief roundup of our independent politics coverage plus some extra features for your Sunday morning reading.

What the left is doodling.

Mick Luckovich | Creators Syndicate
Mick Luckovich | Creators Syndicate

What the right is doodling.

Steve Kelley | Creators Syndicate
Steve Kelley | Creators Syndicate

Reader essay.

Picture by Tom Prendergast
Picture by Tom Pendergast

The pandemic was a trying time. Not only was it a huge public health crisis, but it was a confusing period that brought about a lot of disruptive change. But not all of those changes were bad. Tangle reader (and blogger) Tom Pendergast wrote about how the break from his routines helped him discover a new place, and a new state of mind, that had been so close to home all along. Read the piece here!

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Reader review.

One of the most-liked reader comments this week was on our coverage of Trump’s civil fraud trial. User Ed Carden wrote about how he sees the verdict as a weaponization of the justice system, and warned that moves like that won’t stop with Trump:

Just remember..

Any abuses of power you support/promote today in order to help you #GetTrump absolutely WILL be used against you later.

One would think by now the Left would realize that what they do to their political enemies will be done back unto them later. It's like dealing with a child, you can tell them and tell them again and again but it's like talking to a brick wall.

"Sure sure we weaponized the legal system to stop Trump but it's OK b/c it will never be used again on anyone else b/c Trump is a unique special case". really? DO you mean like with income taxes or better yet property taxes how those would ONLY be paid for by the wealthy, like that kind of "only used this once"?

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