Nov 10, 2023

A fiery debate on Israel & Palestine

A brief introduction and links to watch.

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Hey everyone,

This email is going to be short, as most of the context you need is in the YouTube video (embedded below) and the podcast (links below).

On Monday, I interviewed Hussein Aboubakr Mansour and Dan Cohen about the Israel and Palestine conflict. Mansour, an Egyptian-born Muslim who grew up hating Israel, is now staunchly in the pro-Israel camp. Cohen, an American Jew who grew up being told Israel was his homeland, is one of the most followed anti-Israel and anti-Zionist journalists on the internet.

As you'll see in my intro to this conversation, there is some unevenness in how close each of them are towards the extreme on their respective ends of the spectrum, there was some controversy about the interview after we finished recording, and there are some details about both of their backgrounds that you should know before watching the video (for instance, Cohen worked for two years at RT America, part of the state-funded Russia Today news outlet). Still, I think the conversation is worth sharing, and I think the strong arguments, the bad arguments, and the complexity of this topic are all self-evident to the viewer when watching.

I did my best to both moderate and add some context after the fact where appropriate, but I'd love to hear your feedback on whether you found the conversation educational, valuable, or interesting; or alternatively if you found it useless, boring, or counter-productive. We are always looking to improve.

Thanks for listening, and have a great weekend!

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