Jul 26, 2019



The news sucks. Let me help.

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The premise of this newsletter is simple: You ask, I answer. Today’s political news is overwhelming and this is a tool to change that. Reply to the newsletter with a question and I’ll answer it. Every newsletter comes with a break down of the big stories, some fun facts and a feel-good story to wash things down. That way, you don’t have to wade through the news to find out what you want to know. Or, you can just follow along and see what’s on America’s mind. Sign up now so you don’t miss the news!

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Who runs this thing?

My name is Isaac Saul, I am a politics reporter who grew up in suburban Pennsylvania and has written all over the world. During the day, I’m an editor and reporter for A Plus, the positive media outlet founded by Ashton Kutcher. You can read more about my work here or follow me on Twitter.

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