Jun 30, 2022

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In yesterday's "quick hits" section, #3 read "Turkey lifted its objection to Ukraine joining NATO and the alliance officially invited Sweden and Finland to join as well."

This was incorrect. Turkey lifted its objection to Sweden and Finland joining NATO, an impasse we had previously reported on. Ukraine's membership bid to NATO first came in 2008 and is unlikely to move forward anytime soon. For now, Ukraine is considered an "enhanced opportunity" partner, a status given to non-member nations that have “made significant contributions to NATO-led operations and missions.”

This is our 64th Tangle correction in our 153-week history. I track corrections and place them at the top of the newsletter in an effort to maximize transparency with readers.

Today's read: 3 minutes.

We're taking a brief vacation for the 4th of July weekend and will be back with our normal newsletter on Tuesday, July 5th.

In the meantime, I figured it'd be nice to pass on some worthwhile reads to hold you over until we're back — both from Tangle and a few other publications.

As I always say when Tangle takes a little vacation, I encourage you to step away from the news too, if you feel the need. It's good for you.

From Tangle:

  • Our write up on the history of Roe v. Wade (from back in 2021). Read here.
  • Our write up on the recently decided Supreme Court case on prayer at school. Read here.
  • Our recent interview with Clementine Morrigan on cancel culture and social justice (subscribers only). Read here.
  • Our write up on the New York law that allowed undocumented immigrants to vote, which was just struck down by a state judge. Read here.
  • My piece on 19 predictions about the future, which was published in December of 2021. Three of 19 predictions have come true already (subscribers only). Read here.

From others:

If you're looking for some longer form non-Tangle reads, here are a few pieces that got me thinking. I don't necessarily endorse all (or even any) of the views in some of these pieces, but they were stories I came across in my last couple of weeks of research for Tangle that were thought-provoking.

  • In The Atlantic, Nellie Bowles writes about how San Francisco became a failed city. Read here. (Subscription)
  • In his newsletter, Andrew Sullivan tries to tackle the drag show controversy. Read here.
  • In City Journal, John Tierney argues that the FDA's Juul ban and proposed nicotine limits are a threat to Americans' health. Read here.
  • In The Washington Post, Catherine Rampell criticizes both parties’ plans for inflation and gas prices. Read here. (Subscription).
  • In The Intercept, Ryan Grim writes about how infighting in progressive groups has stymied their success. Read here.
  • In The Atlantic, Jonathan Last makes the case that Mike Pence is an American hero. Read here. (Subscription).
  • In his newsletter, Noah Smith explores whether the American Rescue Plan was a mistake (and if he was wrong about it). Read here.
  • In Persuasion, Matt Lutz tries to answer the question "What is a woman?" Read here.

Have a great 4th of July and we'll see you soon.


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