Mar 10, 2024

The Sunday — March 10

This is the Tangle Sunday Edition, a brief roundup of our independent politics coverage plus some extra features for your Sunday morning reading.

What the left is doodling.

John Deering | Creators Syndicate
John Deering | Creators Syndicate

What the right is doodling.

Steve Kelley | Creators Syndicate
Steve Kelley | Creators Syndicate

Reader essay.

The Lytle Community Health Center | USDA
The Lytle Community Health Center | USDA

A few weeks ago, we got a really provocative and personal essay from a physician who has chosen to be anonymous, for what will be obvious reasons. The author, Anonymous MD, shares his unique perspective as a deeply conservative physician and transgender man, as well as his opinions about what the left and right get wrong about transgenderism. We’ll let him tell the rest in his own words; remember to read with an open mind and consider his points honestly, as Anonymous MD does not pull any punches. Read the piece here!

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Reader review.

In this section, we like to include reader responses that usually counter points we already made and received a lot of support in our comments sections. Today, we’re doing something a little bit different. Below is an exchange between two readers who disagreed on our answer to the reader question about Ukrainian aid. Reader Andrew W said:

On the special questions part "Ukraine Aid" why are we still sending them money? Why are we not pushing for peace? There is no way that Ukraine can win, the average age of the combatants in Ukraine is 40's (43, 44?)

How many more people are we going to insist go into a meat grinder of a battle with no clear end in sight? Are we going to start sending UN troops? US troops? What is the victory condition for Ukraine? The longer this drags on the more needless deaths will mount and will continue to weaken Ukraine's ability to bargain.

US and its allies have already derailed peace in Ukraine multiple times now. Why?

Reader David Brueck replied:

There already is a huge push for peace going: Russia needs to go home, halt the war they've started, and then start paying Ukraine to rebuild.

If Ukraine wants to call it quits, that's on them to decide, but I would not like it if someone invaded my country and then the world started telling me to make peace by letting the invader win.

Plus, even if Putin were to stop with his current gains (which, according to history and his own statements seems unlikely), keep in mind that countries like China are watching closely to see how the world responds to an invasion. The stakes are much higher than "just" Ukraine.

Tangle’s main stories this week were Trump’s immunity case, Colorado's Supreme Court getting overruled, Super Tuesday, and Kyrsten Sinema’s retirement. For full versions, you can find all of our past coverage in our archive.

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