Dec 31, 2023

The Sunday — December 31

The Sunday — December 31
A special New Year's Eve edition.

This is the Tangle Sunday Edition, a brief roundup of our independent politics coverage plus some extra features for your Sunday morning reading.

We are on break right now, but wanted to stay in touch while we’re away. So please enjoy our all-extras version of our Sunday newsletter, our last email to you for 2023. And have a happy new year!

What the right is doodling.

Steve Kelley | Creators Syndicate

What the left is doodling.

John Deering | Creators Syndicate

Reader essay.

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For the second time, a member of our bibliophilic readership has submitted an essay in praise of their local library. This week’s piece comes courtesy of Linda Stomato, a policy fellow at Rutgers University and a board member of her local library.