Tangle communications/public relations internship

Tangle is hiring for a communications and public relations intern. Details about the position are below.

The role

Tangle News is an independent media organization that covers news from across the political spectrum, with a focus and specialization in U.S. politics. Its main business offering, the daily newsletter, has 105,000 subscribers, including over 16,000 paid subscribers. In 2023, Tangle has grown 16% in monthly recurring revenue, has spun on a YouTube channel to supplement its newsletter as its source of profit, and has introduced two new podcast series — The Undecideds and The Sunday Podcast.

As the organization grows, Tangle has found a need for more support. For this reason, Tangle is introducing a seasonal cohort of three part-time interns. The key responsibility of each Tangle intern is to provide additional support for existing work and new projects that Tangle hopes to get off the ground, with additional responsibilities for each intern specialization.

Tangle will provide experience and mentorship for students and recent graduates looking to begin their careers in news media and journalism. At the end of the contract period, Tangle will provide an exit interview and letter of recommendation to interns who have completed the program in good standing.


  • Assist with public relations program
    • Maintain a list of outlets to pitch Tangle’s work to for publication or interview
    • Help draft or manage pitches
    • Facilitate a steady stream of interviews for developing earned media
  • Launch events and rewards program
    • Source award programs Tangle might be eligible for and draft submissions
    • Organize and maintain pitches and contacts with events and awards organizers
    • Keep us on track for meeting deadlines
  • Aid development of new Tangle media offerings
    • Help edit scripts and organize reach-outs for new series
    • Proofread, edit, and suggest content
    • Assist in the production and development of The Sunday newsletter
  • Help manage customer service email account

Preferred skill sets

  • Research and writing
  • Independent organization
  • Proficiency with G-Suite (especially Google Drive, Google Sheets, and Google Docs)
  • Professional communication skills
  • Versatility and attention to detail
  • Media fluency

Time Commitment

You will be expected to work 10 hours per week. Specific days and hours of work are flexible and subject to the requirements of the position. 


This is a paid internship program. Interns will receive $18.75/hr for a 12-week commitment.

Start Date


To Apply

Please introduce yourself to Ari Weitzman by sending an email to ari@readtangle.com with the email subject line “Media Outreach Intern, Summer 2024” by June 9th to be considered.

Also include:

  • A brief cover letter on your relevant past experience and interest in the position
  • Your resume
  • Your primary location
  • General availability during a Mon-Friday workweek

The deadline to submit your application is 06/09/2024.