Our advertising policy

The Tangle newsletter publishes two versions of its content Monday through Thursday. One goes out to our free mailing list and includes advertisements; the other goes out to our paid subscribers and is 100% ad-free. On Fridays, paying subscribers also get our exclusive Friday editions (to become a subscriber, go ad-free, and get Friday editions, click here).

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Because Tangle is an independent publisher attempting to bring a unique brand of balanced, informative and trustworthy news to readers, we’ve decided to publish our advertising policy.

What ads in Tangle will NOT be:

  • Pop-ups. We will never publish ads you need to navigate around. This means that we will not publish video advertisements, and we will not publish page takeovers.
  • Intrusive. The vast majority of our ads will be text only. You’ll have an opportunity to click on a link and check out a product if you want more information.
  • Political. We will strictly avoid any advertisements from politicians or political groups. Obviously, these days, many companies are not apolitical. But we will steadfastly avoid publishing advertisements from any group that may have their own stake in the content we cover.
  • Spam and snake oil. We won’t team up with people selling unproven supplements or shady financial products. We’re going to bring the same skepticism to our advertisers that we do to the news.
  • The subject. If at any point one of our advertising partners becomes the subject of our coverage, we will sever ties with the advertiser immediately and preface our coverage with a notification.

What our ads WILL be:

  • Simple. We seek out partners who can explain their products quickly and directly to our readers, so it doesn’t take up too much space in our newsletter. Most ads will be a few sentences long.
  • Quality. If it’s a product, we’ll try it. If it’s another publication, we’ll read it. Shoot, if it’s a band, we’ll listen to it. Our goal is to partner with quality advertisers whose product we’ve experienced and believe in. If we advertise it in the newsletter, it should be worth trying.
  • Transparent. We retain full editorial control of what goes in our advertisers’ pitches to you. That means we’ll ensure the advertised product is being honestly represented. Sponsored content in the newsletter will be clearly labeled and never confused with our news.
  • From you? We’d love to become partners with advertisers already in the “Tangle family,” so if you’re a Tangle reader and you have a company or product that wants to advertise with us, please do reach out! You can email magdalena@readtangle.com to inquire or fill out this form.

This advertising transparency policy is our way of creating a new, valuable revenue stream, while also continuing to build unrivaled trust with our readers who come from all across the political spectrum. If you ever have feedback about our policy, our advertisers, or anything in the newsletter, please do write in.