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My name is Isaac Saul, and I'm the founder of Tangle. I'm a politics reporter who grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, one of the most politically divided counties in America.

I created Tangle because today's political media is totally broken. Usually, I can guess who a person voted for with about ~95% accuracy just by asking them a few questions about the kinds of news they consume. Much of the media itself is biased, sensationalized, and often helps spreads lies and misconceptions.

Individually, we are all living in self-curated news bubbles where we are spoon-fed beliefs we already have — and where the people we disagree with are caricatured into the worst people possible. Along with that, politicians and pundits on both sides work hard to elevate the worst arguments of their opponents and say they’re representative of the other side's perspective. The result is that most of us don't actually know much about the folks we disagree with.

The entire point of Tangle is to get you out of your bubble.

Each day, we cover one big debate, then summarize the best arguments from the left, right, and center, and then I offer "my take," with all sorts of nuanced and independent opinions in between. Tangle readers get a full picture of the news from a reporter (me) who is not trying to hide their biases or convince them they should feel a certain way. This format is extremely popular, and we're now one of the fastest-growing political newsletters there is.

Since you are coming from our friend Marshall over at NBN, we're offering a 20% discount when you subscribe. That gets you all of our content, Monday-Friday, plus special interviews, personal essays, inside looks at the media and more. You're joining 6,500+ subscribers who have help built our community.

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