Tangle social media internship

The Gist

Tangle is looking for a college student or recent college graduate to work part-time as a social media intern. The Tangle intern will have a passion for politics, digital media, and journalism coupled with an ability to adapt and present new information in a creative way. The intern’s main role is two-fold:

  1. To assist Magdalena, our Social Media and Marketing manager, with repurposing and parsing down content from our daily newsletter into bite-sized social media tidbits that are then shared on our three main platforms — Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  2. To assist us in supercharging our subscriber and social media growth as we enter the partnership and paid promotional sectors.

We’re looking for someone who can be an integral part of the team, who can work independently and who will constantly be thinking of dynamic ways to spread the word about Tangle. We may have creative systems in place, but we want our digital space to be forever evolving so creativity and attention to our audience space is a must.

The intern will be able to pivot quickly in a fast-paced environment, be able to design (or learn to design) graphic posts and videos, schedule out social posts/tweets, learn to analyze metrics and be willing to pitch in on other content as needed.

This is a role where you’ll be creating content and contributing to meaningful political discourse in a creative way on a daily basis.


Approximately 10-20 hours a week but may vary depending on week and needs.

Ideally available with the ability to check in on mobile platforms off-hours to monitor social platforms.


Tangle interns receive $500 per month and are signed to three-month contracts with the opportunity to renew at the end of each three-month period. Payments are given in two $750 stipends at the beginning and end of the term. Class credits are also possible for universities who have opportunities to earn credits via internship.

Twitter goals

  • Gain new subscriptions -- free or paid -- to the newsletter
  • Have authors and audience retweet our quotes
  • Be relevant by posting appropriate breaking stories (mostly political)
  • Drive traffic to our Twitter profile

Tasks would include:

  • Parse out the daily newsletter into 6-10 bite-sized Twitter posts, tagging appropriate author handles with the overall intention of having them retweet the quote to drive traffic to Tangle’s Twitter and/or website. This would mean finding quotes for the overall content, views from left, right and Isaac’s take.
  • Plug the Tangle podcast as it goes live.
  • Monitor breaking stories, trending hashtags and retweet stories to our page throughout the day.
  • Engage with Twitter audiences, find and follow new and relevant handles and brainstorm ways to boost overall Twitter growth.
  • Sharing reader criticisms or other people referencing Tangle
  • Push people to go subscribe 1-2 a day

Instagram goals.

  • Build comment engagement and have people share our graphics as news
  • Have dynamic and creative content that is easy to understand and engage with and that drives people to our signup page
  • Have influencers and similar pages share our content to build likes and website signups.
  • Reach 10,000 likes organically but we may pivot to influencer campaigns soon in order to super-size growth.

Tasks would include:

  • Create daily graphics from our Quick Hits section, schedule it out throughout the day and post to our stories once it goes live.
  • Occasionally tackle infographics and multiple slide posts on a specific deeper dive issue.

Facebook goals.

  • Gain new organic likes to our Facebook page
  • Become a resource for followers of relevant news of the day + political analysis
  • Build a platform where users can engage together and have meaningful discourse in the comments section.

Tasks would include.

  • Post a newsletter daily with relevant tags.
  • Schedule out Quick Hit section articles.
  • Find other relevant Facebook groups to cross promote content.

Additional Support

The intern would be expected to contribute ideas and strategies to boost the overall growth of the brand, both organically and via paid advertising. Other responsibilities may include harnessing TikTok platforms, reaching out to potential collaborators, other content creation (such as video/reels), analytics and so on. It’s a changing and expansive role that is open to input as the intern becomes more comfortable with the assigned daily tasks. We’re looking for someone that wants to help supersize Tangle’s growth this year and this means a lot of passion behind the brand and the way we’re trying to change the way people consume political news.

To apply:

In order to apply, please send an email to magdalena@readtangle.com and isaac@readtangle.com with the subject line "Tangle internship"

In the email, include a resume and a few paragraphs about why you are interested in this role. Tangle interns can also receive class credits if their school or major has an internship program.