Tangle internship

Tangle is looking for a college student or recent college graduate to work part-time as a newsletter intern. The Tangle intern will have a passion for politics, digital media, and journalism coupled with an open mind and an ability to think critically about the news of the day.

Potential responsibilities include researching topics that appear in the daily Tangle newsletter, editing or helping craft subscribers-only content, and presenting thoughtful arguments on main topics covered in Tangle.

We’re looking for someone who can be an integral part of the team, who can work independently and who will constantly be thinking of dynamic ways to spread the word about Tangle. This person must be able to dedicate 5-10 hours a week to contributing to Tangle.

To apply:

In order to supply, please send an email to isaac@readtangle.com with the subject line "Tangle internship."

In the email, include a resume and a few paragraphs about why you are interested in this role. The Tangle intern will receive a monthly stipend and/or class credits depending on hourly availability and preference.