Some love for our listeners!

Some love for our listeners!

Hey there!

If you're reading this, that means you are one of our loyal podcast listeners. First, I wanted to say thank you: You are now 2,000+ strong every day and growing. It's really cool to see.

Second, here is our offer. As I said on the podcast, this will be live for 24 hours, and is exclusive to folks who listened to Thursday's podcast. It's 20% off our yearly subscription for the first year, and in return you get Friday editions, access the comments section, updates on the business, and offers from our partners.

Long-term, we are hoping to put together the occasional subscribers-only podcast content too — but for now we're keeping it all free. Whenever that happens, you'll be first in the door.

Go subscribe now!

Thanks so much for all the support. Keep listening and spread the word.


Isaac, Trevor & the Tangle team